Do you have any discounts or promotional offers?

Occasionally we advertise promotional offers and discounts for our services. Please register your business on our platform to receive email updates on our latest promotions and discounts.

Do you offer both residential and commercial virtual staging services?

We sure do! Virtual Staging is one of the most popular services on our platform. Starting from only $35AUD per image, we provide dozens of interior styles for both commercial and residential interior and exterior spaces. Turn-around time is only 24 hours.

Can you add furniture to 360 images?

Yes, we can add Virtual Staging to 360 images of residential and commercial properties. Virtual staging for residential properties is priced at $85, and $120 for commercial properties. Turnaround time is 24 hours for residential properties and 48 hours for commercial properties.

How do I place an order?

Click on the Order Now button on any one of the pages on this website and you will be directed to our user login page. If you are ordering for the first time, you will be required to register for free to submit an order.

When do I make payment?


Payment is made at the time of ordering the services for your project through the client dashboard. Payments are accepted through two trusted payment gateways; Stripe and PayPal.


Can you tell me how to photograph a room for virtual staging?


We provide many guides and useful tips on how to photography spaces for virtual staging on the Tools section of our client dashboard. Please register your company to access these free resources. The tools sections also provides detailed guides on photographing real estate using all types of cameras and techniques to achieve the best results.

I only have photos of the room taken on my phone. Are these enough to work with?


Yes 🙂 Our team do a fantastic job editing photos and video footage from all types of camera phones and digital cameras.

I would like to order virtual staging, but my room photos have the existing furniture in them. Can I still have virtual staging added?


It sure is! If your existing photos have furniture in them, simply select the Item Removal option when placing your order for Virtual Staging. Pricing is from $5AUD for Item Removal. This will allow us to work with a blank slate when we add Virtual Staging to the room or spaces.

What if I don’t like the end result?


If you are unsatisfied with the final image you have received, we are happy to provide unlimited revisions until you or your client are 100% happy. Please check the sample images and videos provided for the service you wish to order so that you have a solid understanding of what the final result will look like.

Can I see more before and after examples for specific rooms and property types?


Samples of our residential and commercial virtual staging products can be seen on the Product Page. If you would like to see a specific room or style that is not displayed on our website, please Contact Us.